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A Minor Game Company

Welcome to A Minor Game Company. A Minor Games is a single developer hanging out his shingle as a solo game developer. He hasn't released much yet.

My first game which I consider to be essentially complete is a retro-pimpin' space shooter called Cosmic Assault. It was my first project to use Pygame, and started life as one of the tutorials that comes with it. It, like all my projects so far, is free.

My other project that is in development is The Puzzler which is aiming to be a realistic jigsaw puzzle simulation. It's still alpha-ware, needing a lot of UI love.

I hope to have a simple LAN-based network game available sometime in 2007 2008 someday. This is more a demo game and proof of concept for other more advanced ideas I have, leading to a RTS multiplayer game that I hope to have done sometime thereafter. Both of these will be free as well.

I also have an idea for a submarine exploration game set in the not-too-distant future where the ice caps have melted, caused coastal flooding, but adaptable humans just keep chugging along. The terrain will be real, based on SRTM and Landsat-derived bathymetry (with a few meters of water depth tacked on) and digital elevation maps.

Someday in the distant future, I intend to publish a grand single and multiplayer strategy game that will incorporate certain technical and economic issues I haven't seen addressed much in games. Whether this will be a free or commercial venture I haven't determined yet.

I can be contacted by email. My address is rk_6314_at_g_mail_dot_com (remove the underlines and replace the at for the actual address).